How to make router skis

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Machining a level surface in a large rebate without letting your cutter dig into your precious work can be awkward if done freehand, as Jim has done in his wishbone mirror project. Here's how easy it is to get your router gliding across that uneven surface.

1. You need a pair of fence rods that aren't permanently attached to the straight fence. Install them in the router base. Now machine two strips of wood, hardwood is better as it is more robust and should slide more easily

2. Work out spacing for the holes needed in each ski. They should be spaced so the router can sit high enough to clear the obstacle you are going to machine around or machine away. Drill holes that will make for a tight fit when slid onto the fence rods

3. Wind narrow tape around the rods sufficient to prevent the wood strips sliding inwards

4. Fit the strips and wind more tape on the outside of them to hold them in place. You can guide the router by holding onto the strips for better control. You are now ready to ski!

5. Other uses for the skis are levelling groundwork around relief carving, or a strip let into an existing gap that's standing proud and needs flushing off level. You can buy a ski set, but for the likely amount of use it is more economical to fashion a homemade solution