Ultimate Workbench Pt 1

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Serious woodworking requires a solid flat-topped surface. Our workbench design dimensions can be extended or compressed according to the size available in your workshop and the height can be adjusted to suit.

It is designed to be easy to make from standard timbers and using only a basic toolkit. In this issue we are concentrating on building the top and base, and next month will be adding the all-important workbench extras including bench dogs and planing support, and showing you how to fix your vice.

The plan was to use 32mm-thick MDF doubled up to 64mm, but as the timber yard had 30mm MDF ready and waiting we chose that instead. They offered to cut the 8ft x 4ft board down the middle and it seemed churlish to say no as it is so heavy and it was one less cut to make.

Just two crosscuts were required with a portable saw and straightedge at the 5ft, or 1530mm, mark. Follow our step-by-step picture sequence to see how we progressed from there.

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