Samurai Pt 2

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Last month we took a look at the initial design of the proud samurai warrior. If you missed out, head over to page 39 to find out more on ordering past issues.

However, now we get to the stage that you can either be happy with your completed items, or take everything one step further and start to apply a brand new idea to your project: the 3D effect.

With the different tones of wood already adding a real contrast to your piece's design, it's not going to be too difficult to push this design that much further and make your warrior really stand out. Sanding down each piece to different heights, placing careful emphasis on the arm and leg that are 'further' away from the spectator, will help push your warrior into the foreground. Even subtle touches to the chin and hair will leave small shadows and add an incredibly lifelike feel to your samurai.

Why not take a look back at your past projects and see where the 3D approach might be applicable!

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