Door Signs

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Simple to make and a great way to know where or what family members are up too! Once you start thinking of what people around you like to do the list just grows and grows, like we've discovered! Gone Shopping, Gone Fishing, Gone Sailing, Gone Golfing, Walking the Dog, In the Garden, Gone running, Gone to Lunch, Gone to Bed and of course “Gone Surfing” as we have made here! Why not give it a go and make a start on your first sign “IN THE WORKSHOP”?

Getting started

First choose the sign you would like to make or draw one incorporating your own ideas, then enlarge to your desired size and make a copy. Prepare both pieces of ply by sanding the surfaces through the grades, this will save time later. Attach the pattern straight onto the 6mm plywood using a glue stick or transfer the design using tracing and carbon paper as we have done.

Cut the piece of 3mm ply to roughly the same size, use the double sided tape to temporally hold the two pieces together, while you cut around the perimeter (pic 2). While the two pieces are still together, drill the two 3mm holes for the hanging cord to go through. Then separate the 2 pieces, change to the 0.5mm drill bit and drill the four pilot/blade entry holes (pic 3) Continue to cut out the lettering and make the internal cuts by threading the blade through the pre-drill holes (pic 4). Slightly round over the edges of the pieces with the 280 grit sandpaper (pic 5) and remove the fine dust with a tack cloth.

Place the pieces into groups for painting; we added a flow medium to the blue and then used a rag to remove the excess paint (pic 6) so revealing the grain beneath, allow to thoroughly dry.

Lightly nib down with 320grit sandpaper and then apply an acrylic varnish to all the pieces including the reverse side of the 3mm backing and again allow to dry. Assemble the pieces in order in preparation for gluing; this is where your reference numbers come in handy Using the PVA glue, glue each pieces in position and allow to dry. To finish thread your cord through the holes ready for hanging!