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Wall Mounted Letter Rack

Wednesday 11 July 2018


This simple letter rack is an ideal project to complete in in a few hours if you find yourself at a loose end.

First of all, choose your ply – I would recommend a good quality birch ply for the job.

There is one probable point of difficulty that is worth mentioning, and it makes drawing out a rod for this project the best plan of action.

The problem is matching up the height of the top shelf with the curve of the rack sides. But, if you have a full-size drawing, it will ensure you get the curve of the sides spot on, so it will match up with the top of the shelf.

Once you have your drawing, cut all your ply and the batten to the correct dimensions. For the batten for the shelf bottom, you could manage to get both pieces from the same blank if you get a nice accurate 72° angle on your tablesaw, after which you can plane the cut edge.

Then simply screw and glue the battens to the back – with the slot for fixing to the wall pre-drilled, and/or routed. When this has dried, glue and clamp the sides in place. When these have cured, glue and clamp the shelf fronts, pinning them if necessary.

Then mark out the hooks, starting the screw holes with an awl. Give the thing a light sanding before using a lacquer spray finish. When this has dried simply screw in the hooks in the depressions left by the awl. Job done!