Triton 1400W Plunge Router

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Straight away you can see that Triton have looked at ways in which they can improve routers with this model, the MOF001 1400w Plunge Router.

The conventional free plunge method has to be selected via a pushbutton control housed in one of the handles.

As its name suggests, this allows free rise and fall with a lock-off facility. De-activating the free plunge mode engages a handle winding mechanism. This requires a certain level of dexterity that will no doubt improve over time.

I found myself wanting to revert to freehand plunging for lifting off but it is definitely better to use one or the other and not the two combined.

The micro adjustment that is available when used in this mode is, however, extremely precise. The fourth option makes use of this accurate means of adjustment

when the machine is table mounted. The plunge spring is easily removed to complete the transition to a static machine.

Triton has addressed some common safety issues, most notably with the on/off switch which illuminates all the time the machine is powered up, in both on and off positions.

A shutter, which must be retracted before the machine can be switched on, prevents accidental starting. This is a good idea and all very safe, but once again requires you to alter your grip on the handle after the machine has started. Fortunately, the motor is smooth on start-up with no lurch or kick detected in any of the variable speed settings. The safety shutter remains open while the machine is switched on and closes automatically after switching off.

In addition to this, the shutter is locked in the closed position, effectively immobilising the motor while carrying out tool or collet changes.

The verdict

So did I like it and was it any good? Yes and yes.

Sure, it has got a face that only a mother could love but it's one you could get accustomed to and, let's be honest, you do get a lot of router for your money.