GMC Unlimited Rebate Planer

Wednesday 11 July 2018

GMC's return to the market has seen them put out this unlimited rebate planer in their carbon fibre series.

First impressions

Straight out of the box, GMC's idiosyncratic design features in this series of tools are noticeable. And no bad thing, as we found out with their random orbital sander last issue.

The front and rear handles are nicely positioned, giving you a feeling of control. The extendable front shoe also adds to this feeling.

There is a lever under the front handle for lifting the planer side guard for the unlimited depth cut.

The clickable depth dial feels sturdy and easy to use, and goes in 0.2mm steps. The trigger has a lock-on switch easily accessible by the thumb, which makes for ease of use.

In use

In use, the planer feels nice and sturdy, and the three blade cutter block gives a nice smooth cut. With its accompanying fence, the planer's rebating abilities are fully realised, leaving a satisfactory finish.

The verdict

A sturdy, easy to use bit of kit that should hold up well to continued use. Good value for the money.