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Lenox Big Daddy Holesaw Set

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Carpenters, electricians, plumbers, installers, builders; everyone needs to cut big holes and for big holes the Lenox Big Daddy holesaw set does just that!

Lenox are – surprise, surprise – yet another American tool company with the right answers for craftsmen's problems. Lenox specialise in toothed cutting solutions i.e. bandsaw blades, hacksaws and blades and power tool cutters, blades and drills.

They have no less than 15 different holesaw kits in the Lenox range, many of them specially for electricians or plumbers, others for general use.

The Big Daddy Kit contains nearly all the range, but by carefully selecting the kit you want it will help keep the cost down and you aren't carting sizes you are never going to need.

Each bi-metal holesaw has similar sized 'set' teeth with a neat flush weld on the side where the metal is joined. There are release holes on the sides to prise the waste disc free. The diameters range from a tiny 19mm up to a whopping 121mm with plenty of options in between allowing you to install various pipes etc while minimising damage to surrounding structures. With three arbors including two 'snap-back' type and a couple of spare pilot drills all in a very tough blow mould case you're equipped to go anywhere, anytime. Just fit an alarm to the case though, as the set is modestly priced at £592.26 inc VAT! This is the most expensive option; individual LENOX T2 hole saws range from £9.82 inc VAT to £162.25 inc VAT and go from 14mm to 210mm dia. However, no one is going to pay the full manufacturer's price; shop around, there are good deals to be had.