Skil Energy Corded Drill-driver

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Skil are a brand who tread their own path with regards to innovation and design. Everyone has at least one cordless drill so why on Earth would you want a drill with a whacking great six metre cable attached? It now seems a bit of an anachronism in a battery-driven world but it looks like a cordless if you hide the cable under your arm and pretend it isn't there! Have Skil made the right move? Yes, I think so and here are theirs and my reasons why.

1. It looks and feels like a typical cordless drill, so has operator familiarity

2. A six metre long lead gets you almost anywhere from the nearest plug socket

3. It has 19 torque plus drill settings, forward, reverse and two gear ratios

4. The Energy weighs 1.2kg instead of the 1.7kg and 1.6kg for their 18V and 10.8V drill drivers respectively

5. There's no battery and charger so there's no power loss, no charging time and no extras to cart around

6. Less harm to the environment as no battery chemistry is involved and less cost in manufacturing

7. Lastly, the thing Skil don't boast about – the price!

The downsides? It's got a long, potentially vulnerable trailing flex to get caught around human legs, and stepladder legs – it is a tough grade of lead, though


Plenty of power and no drawdown due to a weak battery, so long as you work within its power limits it will keep chugging. Quiet, comfortable to hold with its rubberised overmoulds and a keyless chuck. Cheap, reliable power. What's not to like?