Ryobi LDD 1802

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Ryobi have launched a drill driver powered by their new Li-Ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries give much superior performance, hold their charge better and are not subject to the 'memory effect' which can cause other rechargeables to a accept a smaller and smaller charge.

The battery is 45 per cent lighter than their old equivalent Ni-Cad battery and is rated to give and extra 20 per cent of run time.

The fast 45-minute charger is fitted with five lights, one of which indicates a testing function of the battery. The condition of the battery is displayed as well as the charging state.

The keyless chuck has 24 torque settings. The casing houses a bubble level which will help the user to drill horizontal holes accurately, and the battery mounting shoe features a magnetic plate on which small screws and other easily-lost parts can be held. The drill can be hung from a wrist/waist belt loop when not in use.

This drill driver is offered in three options: without battery, with a 1.4Ah battery, charger and drill, and with two batteries and a bag. There is also a 2.4Ah battery available, which has a battery level indicator and which offers even better performance and longer running time.

The verdict

This drill driver feels good in the hand, is balanced well, and comes with a two-year warranty.