Kit and Tools Tuesdays – Triton T12 Twin Pack 12V

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Triton do things differently, from their Workcentres to ingeniously designed routers to a massive beam planer, they take a different approach to other manufacturers when designing their tools, powered or otherwise.

In fact, this dynamic duo makes a lot of sense: you get two heavy, well-built drills, each about the size of 10.8V machines, but with more battery courtesy of Samsung, a one-hour charge time, which is acceptable as two batteries are available to use, and the soft case is compact and makes the whole thing very easy to carry around, with hook-and-loop strapping inside.

The range

As a fitter's or service engineer's kit it would be ideal and even if you need bigger power drills for major work, often fitting out and fixing only needs smaller power tools. The drill is drill or screwdriving only – there is no hammer action – but you do get 17 torque settings plus drill, forward and reverse, variable speed trigger and, best of all, a bright LED worklight just above the trigger. The chuck is keyless and a thick collar behind can lock or remove the chuck, revealing a simple hex bit socket. This latter feature is really useful for accessing tight working spaces and using all hex-shanked accessories.

The impact drill is very similar in appearance and both tools have rubber overmould detail. The trigger also gives variable speeds but over a more condensed range. In this case, the hex socket has a sprung collar, which allows you to lock the bits in place. A little lighter and more compact than its drill partner.


While I would not suggest that Triton have oversold the capability of these two tools, they have capacities more or less identical to 10.8V cordless tools, even though the batteries themselves have greater capacity. I found that working within the designed limits, these tools performed well. The solidity of the build and the handy worklights make them good to use.