Bosch GSB 18 2 Li Combi Drill

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Anthony Bailey takes on a lightweight

The saw in use

Bosch have really concentrated on cordless drills in the last few years. However, not content with upgrading their drill range several years ago, they then incorporated Li-ion batteries into further revamped designs.

Now to cap what is already an extensive range, Bosch have decided to capitalise on the potential compactness Li-ion can offer. The new GSB 18-2-Li weighs in at a tiny 1.5kg, compared to the heavy-duty GSB 18 VE-2-Li weighing in at 2.5kg.

So, is this lightweight model up to the job?

Considering the weight, the drill doesn't feel unduly light or lacking in solidity. It has all the basic features you expect to find in a modern combi drill, but a slightly cut down spec to make the design possible. There is a very positive twist band for setting drill or hammer and ahead of that, the torque ring with fifteen settings.

There's also a positive gear change switch and easy forward and reverse settings to suit left- as well as right-hand users.

Using the switch trigger operates an LED worklight, so often essential for restricted working.

The chuck is a keyless Bosch model that follows the drill's bodyline comfortably. There are plenty of rubber coated grip surfaces for comfort, and below the handgrip is the fitting which houses a very compact Li-ion battery. This latches into place and is small enough to fit in your pocket. The drill base features a belt clip and storage for a double-ended driver tip.


The drill can handle driving large screws with comparative ease. However, when tested near to its claimed limits for drilling wood with a 28mm flat bit and an 8mm masonry drill, the strain started to show. The GSB 18-2-Li is best suited to screw driving and light drilling.