Dremel DSM20

Wednesday 11 July 2018

This brand new slimline unit has a start trigger underneath the body which can only be engaged by releasing a small tab – a very nice safety feature. The various blades are suitable for many different materials, all of which are interchangeable via the use of a threaded machine screw. They fit it into a blade housing which is a shielded section at the front of the unit. There are two styles of blade; the standard flat blade fits in the inner section of the blade housing; the other blade style is a flush-cutting blade which is offset. This allows you to not only cut into the main body of material, but also right up against the edge of items such as flooring up against skirting boards, corners of walls and kitchen tops fitted against a wall. There is a dust port which can be fitted to a vacuum-extractor. There is an adjustable baseplate which can easily be set to different heights by using the lever locking device. This allows easy and precise depth cutting and stability during the cut, but also allows plunge cutting to be undertaken when needed. The unit also has a powerful 700W motor. As with all things Dremel, there are various attachments available to fit the unit to further enhance its use, including a very handy adjustable side fence.

In use

The slimline body fits in the hand very well. At 1.7kg in weight it is not a light unit, but the shape, design and balance of it made it easy to hold and use for extended periods of time. The blade changing is quick and easy and the blades are very effective. They are also clearly labelled as to what material they are to be used for. The dust port when connected to a vacuum extractor is very effective for the flat blades which connect in the inner section of the shielded housing, but not as impressive on the flush cut blades sitting on the outer section. The motor is very powerful indeed and at no stage of this test did the motor baulk at anything being cut at any depth.


I did wonder whether such a unit would be useful or whether it was more of a gimmick, but I have to say that I have been converted to the usefulness of this machine.