Makita BSS611 Circular Saw

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Makita doesn't make the most exciting tools in the world and I kind of like that. It suggests to me that the resources needed to produce a really good product have been used wisely on things that matter.

At last the new generation of Li-ion batteries has made the cordless circular saw a realistic option, so how does it handle? At a little over 3kg, the BSS611 doesn't feel lightweight but it does feel compact; a little too compact for my liking, with the front grip being a bit small and rather close to the rear grip. Mind, I soon got used to it and the arrangement allowed good visibility of the scale on the front of the baseplate for quick freehand cuts to a pencil line.

In action I have no complaints. Cross-cutting and ripping at 50mm was effortless, but this was at the limits of the tool's capability.

Charging is only 22 minutes for a spent battery.

The BSS611 is easily adjustable for both depth of cut and bevel with one simple lever for each features. I do feel that Makita may have been a little mean with the fence; to gain any real stability it would need a sub-fence adding.

The verdict

This would make a very good site tool indeed.