Kit and Tools Tuesdays – Einhell Grinding and Engraving Tool

Wednesday 11 July 2018

The BT-MG 135/1 is for much more than just grinding and engraving work. It comes in a handy plastic case with a handle. The top has two clear flip-up lids, underneath which are no less than 189 attachments including: four collets, six drills, six 'frasers', wire cup brush, 12 abrasive wheels, 14 abrasive drums plus spare abrasive, abrasive discs, polishing heads – you get the idea – plenty of choices, including replacements. There is enough to keep you going for ages and Einhell sell them separately too!

In the base of the case is the power unit, which is hand-held but can be adapted to take the flexible drive and telescopic hanging stand that comes with the kit. The stand clamp will fit on a thick bench surface and can be screwed in place if you wish.

The power unit has variable speeds, a spindle lock for changing bits and a flick on-off switch. The power rating is 135W delivered at a maximum 32,000rpm and seems capable of doing whatever is asked of it.


This is about as comprehensive a kit as you are likely to find and is complete and ready to go at a very reasonable price. The power unit and flexible shaft have their own collets in addition to the four already mentioned, which come in a variety of sizes. The only anomaly is that only the two largest drill bits of the six supplied will fit any of the collets. That aside, this kit is fun to use and very useful for a wide variety of tasks with lots of choice of attachments.