Einhell TH-SM2131 Dual Saw

Wednesday 11 July 2018

There are times when you need a very lightweight, compact, portable site compound mitre saw, and the TH-SM2131 Dual might just be right for you. It features a 210mm diameter TCT blade and 48 teeth for a good cut finish. It is capable of a 310 x 62mm maximum crosscut capacity at 90º and 210 x 62mm at 45º. It has a carefully milled aluminium table and fence, and the scale is click-stopped at the most useful setting, running past 45º at both ends of the scale for those out-of-square mitre situations.

When bevelling, there is a sprung stop that limits the head tilt to the left, but when it is pulled, the head can be tilted over to the right instead. The switch and safety lock paddle are very easy to operate and the motor, unusually, is mounted at an angle, so it doesn't project to the side. To change the blades, the user undoes the centre of the blade guard to access the blade bolt, using the spindle lock on the other side at the same time. There is a flip-out rear anti-tilt support and a workpiece clamp. Lastly, it has a laser cutting guide.

This machine is small enough to chuck in your boot and it won't give you back strain, yet it has a good cutting capacity. Einhell make an auto switching extractor that will team with this saw.