Scheppach Deco-flex Scrollsaw

Wednesday 11 July 2018

As Fred and Julie Byrne demonstrate each week, the scrollsaw is capable of producing some marvellous work, so I was really looking forward to getting my hands on Scheppach's Deco-flex.

For my test, I shaped a piece of 9mm softwood.

It may be that I'm a bit inexperienced but I did find getting the right pressure on the workpiece from the spring clamp a little difficult. The adjustment is via a knob which tightens against the work spring bar, and I found it hard to get just the right amount of pressure to keep the workpiece still, but at the same time easy to push. The blower and work light both performed very well, though I did find I wanted to work with the transparent guard lifted, as it made it hard to see the workpiece because of its square edges.

The blade changing system is quick and easy: you just remove the plastic table insert, loosen the tension on the handle at the base of the scrollsaw arm, and then push down on the blade locating plate. Next off I tried the flexidrive. It screws onto the motor spindle very easily, and the chuck tightens nicely with the spanner included with the kit and the locating key which prevents the drive turning as you tighten.

The verdict

You get a lot of features for your money with the Deco-flex, and it does the basics very well. You won't be disappointed. My only gripe would be a better way of adjusting the workpiece clamp.