Metabo Multisander

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Metabo has an enviably vast catalogue of powertools and machines and here is one of the smaller items, the FMS 200 Intec multisander. The FMS 200 Intec is referred to online as a palm tri-sander, I suppose because of its extended delta form platen. It has plenty of rubber overmould, designed, it is claimed, to reduce vibration in use. The front rubber-booted switch flicks on and off easily, however there is no speed adjustment on this tool. Plenty of ventilation is provided for the motor and gearbox. The Velcro covered rubber platen has extraction holes to link with the Intec dustbox which clips tightly on to the back of the machine. The filter is a special Metabo pleated unit that can be slid out to empty and tap clean or replace as necessary. One sheet of 80 grit abrasive was supplied with this machine which isn't a fair test of how fine a result it can turn in. The sheet has a tear-off line so the front half can be used with a small delta sander but this would turn the rear piece into a wasted, unused abrasive sheet.


We've been using the multisander a lot in Pocket Workshop Project and it's been particularly useful for getting into those tight spaces; a time when its diminutive size really does come in handy. All in all, it's a nice little machine in build and appearance but can be quite jumpy and it is by no means the smoothest of small sanders I have ever used. The finish is okay for 80 grit, but this machine needs finer grits to show what it is really capable of, as many users would want to sand to a finish in internal corners.