Kit and Tools Tuesdays – Logosol Joinery Machines

Wednesday 11 July 2018

With Logosol's joinery machines you can produce everything from furniture to windows. The machinery suits woodworking workshops that have high demands on quality. One example of Logosol customers who have built their business with machinery from Logosol is Christian and Therese Samberg, who run the farm Gurserod in Bohuslan, Sweden.

The farm has an impressive assembly of joinery machinery from Logosol, consisting of the panelsaw PS315, the jointer/planer H410 and the vertical milling machine MF30. Besides the joinery machines the Samberg couple also have a band sawmill, a two-sided planer/moulder and a wood kiln from Logosol. With this equipment they plan to develop their business into a full-time occupation where they refine their own forest into high-value products. “Since the farm is situated in an area where there are a large number of summer homes, there is a market for special joinery,” says Christian, who is very happy with the machines.

The machines that Christian and Therese Samberg have bought are very versatile when it comes to creating valuable joinery products. The panelsaw PS315 cuts the workpieces to size with millimetre precision. Its circular sawblade has precision adjustment of height and angle, and the rip fence can be fitted standing or lying depending on the height of the workpiece. The panelsaw is the machine you use first in almost every woodwork project.

The jointer/planer H410 is ideal when you want to save time. This machine does not require reconfiguration between jointing and planing operation. This way you keep the fine-tuned setting of the jointer table, which is easily lost on machines where the jointer tables are folded up when you are going to plane. You can go directly from jointing to planing operation without even switching the motor off. This means that you work as if you had two separate machines.

With the vertical milling machine MF30 you get three machines in one: a tenoning machine, a mortiser and a vertical milling machine with tiltable spindle. The entire motor unit with the spindle can be tilted through 270°, which means that you can process the workpiece from below, from above and from the side. You save space in your workshop since the machine can do so many operations. It can be supplemented with accessories and tools that enable you to produce almost everything within woodworking. The MF30 can do everything from processing timber lengthwise and crosswise, to milling complete window frames and complicated furniture parts. You get access to several functions that you can otherwise only find in significantly more expensive machines.

Logosol also have a fourth joinery machine, the multi-planer MH410. This machine is ideal for a woodworking workshop. For a modest investment, you get both efficiency and several valuable functions. The MF410 is the same machine as the H410, but it is also equipped with a side cutter. You can joint two sides and then, in one operation, plane the other sides. With moulding knives in the side cutter you also get an efficient machine for moulding floorboards or panelling, for instance. With this joinery machinery line, Logosol offers you professional machines with a small footprint and at the right price!

LOGOSOL is a Sweden-based international company developing and selling unique machines and services within wood processing and woodworking.