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Kity MB16 Bench Top Mortiser

Wednesday 11 July 2018

So, what does a woodworker really want in a machine? Here's my take on it – something that does a job simply, with no fuss, and that is reliable.

Well, for my money, this Kity machine ticks all the right boxes. First impressions are that it's solidly built, with simple,

intuitive features.

At first I was a little put out that the tightening for the depth stop and the work clamp were with an Allen key, but on reflection, this is OK.

If you keep your Allen keys stored properly near the machine, they make a quick and efficient way of tightening these features – perhaps more so than on some machines with dedicated handles. But Allen keys always get lost, so I'm not convinced. However, all the adjustments for the machine are well sited and easy to use: adjustable fence, work clamp, depth stop, and the chisel squaring collet.

I suppose above all else, the feel of a tool is the thing that really counts – the Kity is solid and smooth, with plenty of purchase on its pull-down lever – it just -feels- right.

It's at the sharp end, quite literally here, that the Kity is at its best. The hollow mortise chisel cuts beautifully, and better than many larger free-standing mortisers. I cut a succession of mortises in a lump of oak for my test, and for a bench mounted machine, it tore through the work, leaving a very accurate and smooth sided stop mortise. The chisel auger also has a nice wide helix which allows for quick chip removal.

The verdict

An impressive little machine with few bells or whistles. It does what it does well. You won't be disappointed.