Bahco Handsaw System

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Is it possible to re-invent the wheel and improve it? Well, Bahco certainly think so with their Handsaw System.

Basically, they have come up with an ergonomic handle that has a quick release system for attaching 10 blades. Included are:

1. 24in and 22in coarse wood cutting blades at 7tpi (teeth per inch)

2. 22in medium wood cutter and a 19in medium wood cutter at 9tpi

3. 20in fine wood blade at 11tpi

4. 14in tenon blade at 11tpi

5. 14in veneer saw and 20in laminate saw at 11tpi.

6. Plaster saw at 7tpi

7. General purpose blade at 15tpi

In use

For the test I concentrated on using the wood blades. As Bahco suggest, their patented quick release blade system is easy and quick to use, and secures the blade very tightly in the handle; you would not think the blade and handle were separate at all.

When you pick up the saw, the handle is very comfortable, and the whole thing has quite a heavy feel to it; reassuringly so, reminding me of my old Disston handsaw. The blades themselves are thicker than normal and have a black, low-friction coating.

I really enjoyed using the saw. The handle was comfortable, the rigid blade and low friction coating made for an easy push stroke, and the teeth cut through the softwood I was cutting very easily. After using the Bahco I cut the same timber with a cheaper throwaway hardpoint, and the Bahco was much better.

The verdict

While not making sawing a whole new experience, the Bahco system does have merit. If you are a DIYer, then rather than buy lots of different saws, you will find this useful. It's not kit for the fine woodworker, however.