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Milescraft Accessories

Wednesday 11 July 2018

Milescraft, the tool manufacturer from the USA, has come up with several interesting and potentially useful gadgets that you can use around the workshop or on site.

Stubby Bit Set

These six hex shanked imperial drill bits from 3/32in up to 3/8in make a virtue of less is more, by having short drill tapers so you can work in restricted spaces. Nicely machined with brad points for wood, the smallest size is, of course, potentially vulnerable to snapping where it becomes hex shanked, but I found they cut

rather well.

At a glance

1. Six bits

2. Short drill shafts

3. Brad pointed

4. Typical price £21.49 inc VAT

Drive 90

This is a heavy, and heavy-duty, 90° angle drive for drilling into awkward spaces. Most on the market are more obtusely angled than this one, which makes more sense when you have to access tricky locations. It features three bearings for longer life and a hex drive shaft and socket for standard bits. The only thing it really lacks is a fin-shaped handgrip to resist twisting while under load. It comes with a bonus set of three short driver bits. Very nice it is too.

At a glance

1. Heavy-duty

2. Three bearings

3. Hex drive shaft and socket

4. Typical price £29.99 inc VAT


This crafty gadget gives you an element of control over the width setting of cuts with a circular saw or jigsaw. Choose the bar size that fits your tool and slide the guide onto it.

A thumb lever is depressed so the guide can slide back and forth to engage in teeth on the bar. This avoids resetting a standard fence where it fits into the baseplate of the tool, instead making the adjustment at the fence or guide end. It is accurate to 1â„8in, which isn’t that precise, but then a simple fence never will be and a jigsaw never is! It has a series of pinholes so you can use a nail to turn it into a trammel.

At a glance

1. For circular or jigsaws

2. Accurate to 1/8in

3. Also can be used as a trammel

4. Typical price £12.49 inc VAT