Editor's letter Woodworking Crafts September 2019 issue

Be prepared
Well, it’s September already and the year is cracking on – how time has flown. I’m pleased to say that my lovely logstore, which featured in the April issue, has been full of split and round logs since spring. Normally, lots of fine ‘checks’ (cracks in wood) are considered a disaster, but not in wood that is intended for burning, a sign everything has dried out nicely. Now is a good time to be prepared for the coming winter, I hope you are too?

A passion for wood
Some of us work with wood because we need to, others because of the enjoyment and then the majority of us, I would suspect, do it for both reasons. Take our blogger, Krishan Vara. He had a regular desk job but circumstances now mean he can pursue his real love, working with wood. This issue will be his last blog – but also his first project in the magazine, a cleft garden gate. His enthusiasm is obvious and I just had to have him in the magazine as a contributor. I hope you like what he does as much as I do – it’s always great to have a woodworker with passion onboard. I can’t wait to see what he creates next.

Our main feature is about a charity which also has a passion, The Earth Trust. The environment is the biggest, most pressing topic at the moment which simply won’t go away. The Trust is playing its part in preserving and enhancing the environment. As always it relies heavily on volunteers for help and support. I would love to hear from readers who have given their time and energy to volunteering activities. It’s good to give something back and make a difference.
Keep enjoying your craft and stay safe

Anthony Bailey
Editor Email: anthonyb@thegmcgroup.com