Editor's letter Woodworking Crafts July 2019 issue

Hello everyone and welcome to the July issue of Woodworking Crafts

Hasten slowly

As a schoolboy in our woodworking class I never understood what our teacher meant by ‘hasten slowly’. On reflection it was, I think, an incitement to take care but not to waste time doing so. Anyone who has been following my Remembrance seat project, which has finally been completed, should be aware that I didn’t do it in a rush – it had to be done in stages.

It needed careful design interpretation, planning
the construction sequence and making sure it all went together as expected. It has taken up quite a lot of my workshop time – I now need to move on as various DIY and restoration projects, as well as community-based projects, are beckoning. I could at last clear up the workshop and sit back and consider my next moves. The message is clear with any project: to achieve the right result, on time, on budget and without serious mistakes. Hasten slowly… so maybe my old woodwork teacher was right after all.

Always the sun

Part of a Stranglers’ lyric which has always stuck in my head. Well, summer is definitely here whether the sun has decided to put in an appearance or not – hopefully yes.

The bottom of our long, narrow garden is a pirate-themed Caribbean space, enclosed from the rest of the back garden. It pre-dates Pirates of The Caribbean by many years – I’ve always had a misplaced fascination for those dastardly rascals of the high seas. Each year the beach (yes, beach) has to be cleaned and raked and all the woodwork tarted up with fresh wood finish, then all the nautical essentials must be brought out and dusted off to populate the scene.

It even has two full-size pirates and a quarter-size ship’s figurehead. Finally, some deck hatch doors that add authenticity which have finally rotted too far. What to replace them with? I have previously built a boat seat and an anchor made out of wood – so it has to be a large treasure chest instead, built from scrap wood, of course.

That’s what I want the sun for – project building outdoors. And then again, when the sun does shine with the crashing of the waves and pirate background sounds playing, you can almost imagine you are on a sun-drenched island somewhere far out in the Pacific. Pass me the rum bottle, me hearties. Arghh!

Anthony Bailey, Editor

Email: anthonyb@thegmcgroup.com
Woodworking Crafts issue 54