A Happy New Year!

It"s been a couple of weeks since I was last on here, like everyone else I was enjoying a much-needed break. There were the usual round of family and friends visits and my elderly father-in-law cooking a superb full Christmas dinner for no less than 14 of us – his immediate family. So, it was a relief from the eating, drinking and visiting to get back in the workshop. I"ve been busy doing various DIY jobs, some big, some small including re-plumbing a sink and making a small display cabinet. However, stepping into the workshop I was instantly aware of how cold it was to begin with, my breath clouded instantly in the chill atmosphere. Still, I needed to get on and get things done and to be honest after a while I didn"t notice the cold once I got started. Although I have got a small heater in there, I tend not to bother about putting it on, but my daughter Amber always switches it on when she is in the workshop using a fretsaw or doing a glue up after knife cutting her marquetry designs indoors in the warm first!


The bizarre thing with the weather is the changes in temperature from sub zero to plus nine degrees in a day, very strange this winter but at least this morning it is quite mild which makes any task more pleasant. It is day one back at work and after dealing with emails and other office tasks I shall be off to the GMC Workshop where all the serious woodworking stuff happens. I have about four articles to write, photograph and make so that should keep me out of mischief for a while…

Until next time, Anthony Bailey.