Double deadlines!

If you keep up with the blog for Woodcarving as well as this one, you may have seen that I am now working as Deputy Editor for that magazine on top of WPP, and with the deadline for both magazines being tomorrow, I appear to have neglected my WPP blog! Needless to say, it has been a busy week, and I’ll be happy to see the end of it! Thankfully now there are just a few loose ends left to tie up, phew.

In other news, Anthony and I held the fort at the South East Woodworking Show at Detling Showground on Saturday, it was great to meet some of the readers and contributors to our four woodworking magazines. The show was quite turning and carving-oriented, so there weren’t as many WPP or F&C readers as Woodturning and Woodcarving readers in attendance, but it was a good chance for me to see that side of woodworking up close for the day and a fantastic show, with some excellent demonstrations and loads of tools for sale.

Now, back to those loose ends!