Man flu… 2

Man flu… it was much worse than that, honest. And wasn"t even flu.. of any variety. I dunno. A bloke is poorly and, even at work, the women think he"s skiving. No wonder we woodworking blokes (apologies to the ladies out there) like to disappear down the shed for a bit of peace and quiet 🙂

Anyway, today I was wined and dined by a tool manufacturer who is launching a new range of power tools. Well, I say wined and dined. It would be more accurate to say tea"d and bourbon creamed. It"s the high life for us magazine editors, you know.

And, don"t worry, that tea and biscuits won"t be buying a biased review from me, I can tell you.

To be fair, the power tools on show, admittedly at the mid to high end of the market, are very good. They even let us get our hands on the kit and try it out. In fact, I can now lay claim to the all-comers record time for driving home a one inch self-tapping bolt through tin sheet and into softwood in just .88 seconds. They timed me trying their tool against an opposition"s offering. That"s how confident they were of winning. And how committed they are to quality.

The manufacturer in question has taken a lot of effort to come up with some innovative features, and improved the tools" performance. It"s interesting to note there are still firms out there who really care about quality and their market position. (Read my thread on machine build quality on the forum for more views on this subject). I do hope, in these tough times, firms don"t lose sight of the need for quality kit for the professional, and the amateur.

It won"t just be me feeling sick if they don"t!