Sectional Bowl

Monday 9 July 2018

This article is, I feel, one that is going to be either loved or hated. I have no emotional attachment to the original piece, which is unusual. The work I produce generally gives me a great deal of satisfaction to create but this piece left me pondering as to the direction it should be taken next. I have been left with more questions than have been answered, however the process is now available to build upon. To this end I have made others using the same method to show other ideas. This is a clear case of sketchbook and more thought required or maybe input from other creative minds to help the piece evolve.

I am going to touch on a contentious subject – art or craft. I have on numerous occasions tried to get involved with art groups in my local area but with no success. I do not want to call my work 'art' but I am constantly looking for creative input from other disciplines to help me broaden the approach to my work. Unfortunately what I am met with is “your work is craft-based and not art.”

Health and safety

In this project I have used two pieces of equipment – the bandsaw and the belt sander. Both of these pieces of equipment need to be treated with the respect they command, as they will cause injury if used without appropriate care. The biggest danger while using these types of machines is your hands/fingers.

When using the bandsaw never let your hands work in line with the blade. Always have a flat surface on the work and place this face down on the table so when the work travels through the blade it will be stable. When using the belt sander watch where your fingers are at all times. Wood soon disappears using this machine – 80grit eats wood but 60grit just vaporises it.

Always protect your both your eyes and your lungs.