NC3000 Electric Filer

Monday 9 July 2018

Having recently looked at the NW1000 it was with great interest that I approached its big brother – the NC3000. The idea of using a machine designed for filing fingernails to pierce and texture wood had, until that point, never entered my head. But now I was looking forward to trying out this machine.

What it is

The NC3000 is described as the deluxe model and as such arrived in a very smart fabric carry case. Inside the case was the machine, hand piece and an on/off foot pedal. Benefiting from an electronics and motor upgrade inside, the control unit looks very sleek; it has clearly had a major redesign from the NW1000 model. Overall, these changes make the machine appear easy to use straight from the box.

The on/off switch and speed dial are very prominent and have a chunky feel. The foot pedal plugs into the back of the control unit, but I found the cable a little short and a bit gimmicky, however, it is not essential to the running of the machine and can be unplugged. The hand piece contains the motor and has a solid feel. The 2.35mm burrs are fitted by twisting the hand piece. This, in turn, opens up the collet, allowing the bit to be inserted; twisting it back locks the burr in place.

This is a quick and simple system, which really enhances the usability.

In use

In use the NC3000 is almost silent, and the motor is very smooth. The freedom of movement due to the electric wire that connects the hand piece to the control unit makes working a pleasure. The variable speed – up to 20,000rpm – is great and there is plenty of power to drive the burr. I tried it out on a very difficult piece of oak (Quercus robur) not a wood typically used for piercing, and found the unit had no problems. Being able to switch burrs quickly was a real plus and allowed me to complete areas of the piece I was working on efficiently. One thing to note is the position of the forward/reverse switch. I started the machine with it in reverse and was momentarily confused when it didn't cut. Reverse is great with certain burrs, but not all!


I was very impressed with the overall performance of the NC3000. The power, and ease of use make it a very attractive option. Perhaps the foot switch seems unnecessary but others might find it handy. The hand piece is great; the collet is user friendly and well designed, if limited to 2.35mm bits. It is a step up in price from the NW1000 but you are getting a truly upgraded model. It's a great piece of equipment, which is well built and lovely to use. If you fancy something sleek and sexy looking which also does the job, then you certainly won't regret buying this.