John Davis Turning Handles

Monday 9 July 2018

When considering turning handles, some say wood is the only way to go. As a material it is warm, inviting and is traditionally used. With this in mind, many people find it easy to create their own handle to a chosen shape and length. The problem with this, however, is that sometimes you want a different length or different weight handle, or if you have restricted space, you may wish to reduce the amount of items you have in your tool rack, or those taken when demonstrating. Interchangeable handles – steel or aluminium – with specific sized drilled holes for taking turning tool blades, have been around for a fair while, but John Davis has recently introduced three new variations.


These are steel cored and feature a striped, colourful, warm-to-the-touch sleeve, which is comfortable to use and hold for extended periods of time. Either end of the handle is drilled with a different sized hole, into which the turning tool handles are inserted. These are in turn held in place by hex-head machine screws. The hollow handles allow you to set the distance the blade projects from the handle, which makes them perfect for hollowing, as this also acts as a depth stop.


Overall, the handles performed well. They are well made and the major advantage for me is your ability to vary the length of blade projection. They are robust and capable of handling the rough and tumble encountered during workshop usage. These new handles are well worth exploring as viable options for your workshop.