Planet Plus Drives and Revolving Centres

Monday 9 July 2018

Last year Planet Plus introduced quite a few new products for turners. They have recently decided to create a number of drives and revolving centres – available in both 1 and 2MT. The revolving centres – standard and heavy-duty versions – have two and three bearings respectively.

What they are

Both the drives and the revolving centres are well machined. There are no snaggy/wiry or sharp edges to catch on. The points on the revolving centres are machined to a nice sharp point and the drives have nice crisply machined spurs/prongs which look to have an angle ground on them that will penetrate and bite into the wood well without being weak and prone to fracture.

The revolving centres have various head profiles and the standard ones have two bearings in them, and the heavy-duty ones have three.

In use

I honestly could not fault any of these. The drives grip the wood well and the revolving centres run concentrically and very smoothly with no graunching/sticky points in the bearings as they revolve. I particularly like the small-point revolving centre. Its design allows better or easier access to the work right up against the tip.


As I have said, these are well made and work well. And since I could not find any fault with them in use, I have no hesitation in saying that they are well worth a look if you are going to buy such an item.