Tru-Grind Wet Stone Sharpening System

Monday 9 July 2018

This sharpening system is designed for use with any wet grinder with a 12mm support bar and enables woodturners to repeatedly grind perfect bevels on all types of bowl gouges, spindle gouges, roughing gouges, skews and scrapers. Supplied is the pivot base, tool holder, instruction booklet and a DVD.

In use

Setting up was very easy; I used the pivot base to set the distance between the grinding wheel and the grinder support bar and then mounted a 10mm spindle gouge in the tool holder. I needed to use the supplied short steel rod for smaller gouges to make sure the tool was level. With the grinder switched off I adjusted the angle and pivot point until the bevel of the gouge was in contact with the wheel throughout its sweep. I also used a black marker pen on the bevel so I could see exactly where the bevel was ground. Even though the gouge had been previously ground on a different jig, within a few passes the bevel was ground all round and the tool was sharp.

I then tried a 16mm bowl gouge which I usually hone by hand with a swept-back grind. I set the pivot base extension and tool holder angle to best replicate the bevel on the gouge and again used a marker pen on the bevel. This time the grinding took a little longer but that was because of the inaccuracies of the previous hand grinding. The resultant bevel was much more consistent than my attempts of grinding by hand. With longer grinds, there is a tendency for the end of the tool holder to jump out of the pivot point when the jig is beyond 60° from vertical, so care needs to be taken to prevent this happening. Further tests were carried out with a 19mm bowl gouge, parting tool and skew chisel. The jig allowed all of them to be sharpened easily but it was apparent the jig wasn't centred on the wheel which might make things slightly more difficult with certain tools. Perhaps a modification to include a lateral adjuster on the base would resolve this?


The instruction booklet is very comprehensive and easy to understand. The sharpening jig allows repeatable grinds to be made so sharpening can be done with minimal loss of metal and tool life can be extended. This particular jig allows most turning and carving tools to be sharpened easily without the need for additional jigs. Recommended.