The challenge of cutting

To achieve a beautiful cut is a great experience. We all strive for it but it doesn’t happen all of the time. There are many factors as to why this might not occur and that these are sharpness of tool, presentation angle of tool and cutting edge, timber used, where one is trying to cut and so on. But, when one sees, feels and hears that lovely cut of timber being sheared off work it is one of those moments when I remember why I took up working with wood.

To have the opportunity and experience of working with such a wide variety is wonderful timber is something I truly treasure. I see it as a privilege rather than a right to do so. I once heard someone say; ‘Why is everyone getting so interested in that. It’s only a bit of wood.’ Well, to me that bit of wood is a marvel, not only while it was growing and supporting and housing all manner of wonderful creatures and bugs but also when it is cut into planks and boards so we can create something new from it that hopefully will be appreciated.

Image credit: Mark Baker, GMC Publications Ltd.

I, like many, cannot resist the lure of a stunning piece of wood and my workshop has some lovely pieces ready for working on, but I will not touch those until I have worked out exactly what I want to create from each piece. No, the wood does not talk to me as I work. I have a plan before I start anything and if that plan doesn’t workout due to a mistake or something unforeseen in the wood, I will then assess where I can go from there.

Let me know what you are working on lately.