It’s that time of year again

My last demo of the year is on Saturday. That demo is always fun: I have been doing that weekend for quite some time for the club and in truth, the club members usually use it as an excuse to take the mickey out of me. Hopefully they learn a few things along the way too as I work through some projects and techniques.

Sanding the inside of a recent hollow form

Mind you, last year they had me laughing so much there were tears in my eyes and had to stop turning while I gathered my composure before carrying on. I must admit that demos don’t always go right either. Two things did not go according to plan in a recent demo. One was my fault in not checking the equipment I took and the other was also my fault, and while I still can’t identify why it happened some club members were amused and the problem was overcome. Whilst I don’t intend to make mistakes, if they happen it does provide an opportunity to explore escape routes or if it is not solvable move on to the next project and apologise for the error. One club member came up and said that is was nice to see things go wrong for other people too and that they learned more as a result of discussing and exploring the escape routes than they would have if all went well. I always learn something when I watch people demo. I love seeing how people work and how they tackle things.

On a different note, many are making final preparations for Christmas and I hope things do not get too stressful. We have a houseful of people for Christmas day, but then it is not so busy the rest of the week so I will find time to spend time at home with the family. I might even be able to sneak off fishing one day. I do however need to do a bit of work taking pictures for an article that I need to write for the current issue I am working on. 

Do let me know what you end up making and if you get any nice workshop kit and goodies over the holiday.

Thank you for all your help and support over the year. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and wish you all the best for the New Year.