Midlands Woodworking show

I was at the Newark showground this weekend at the Midlands Woodworking show. I was there the first year this show occurred and, this being the third year, what a difference the time has made. Firstly, there were more exhibitors and secondly, far more people came to the show than the first year. A lot of people came with a wish list of what to look for and see if they could get any bargains, and others came along to learn and also see what was on display and being sold. I too always have a look and invariably – even though I vow I will not – end up buying something that I need.


Anyway, I was demonstrating there and fielded lots of questions and explored various techniques to help solve problems people asked about and worked with some wet wood too. I needed a raincoat for some of it as it was only cut down on Wednesday. So I showed some rough turning and also getting core outs as well as boxes, bowls and decorative effects. For my troubles I looked like a warrior of old due to blue staining from turning very wet wellintonia. The sap and water stained everything it touched, including the lathe and yours truly. It was a giggle but due to my touching my nose, wiping my eyes and scratching my head, there was blue staining everywhere I touched with my wet hands and also wherever the water landed. I saw some people laugh as they took pictures of me turning and am sure there are a few odd pictures of me out there coloured blue.


It all makes for a lot of fun. From the laughs and banter on the various woodturning stands there was plenty fun being had. I think that is what is missing at times. We need to have fun, a bit of friendly banter and also learn as much as we can from as many sources as possible. I certainly had fun at the show and time will tell how big this event grows but it has definitely grown and I can see this happening for many years to come.

Have fun,


Photographs top to bottom:

1. Ancient Oaks Woodturners, Woodcrafters and Skills club

2. Dukeries Woodturning Society

3. Lincolnshire Wolds Woodturning Association stand

4. Trent Valley Woodturners