Catching up

I have touched on quite a few subjects recently in my magazine leaders and also in the blogs. Thank you for everyone who responded.

I have just about caught up with the backlog from my trip abroad and as you can see from my last blog, I was at 91 turnings so far in my challenge and should be at 180 or so – 50% behind then. As of today at the time of writing this, I am now at 107 turnings, so far.

As I write this I am chuckling to myself – well, head shaking with a grimace – and asking why I did this. It has served its purpose and caused a lot of chatter and many have said they have been spurred on by what I am doing. Job done in that respect, as far as I am concerned. Personally, I think I am nuts – well just a little bit – but, I must admit to perversely having a lot of fun with this.

To answer a couple of people who wondered if I am secretly sitting on 100 pieces already done, to be like the magician proverbially pulling a rabbit out of a hat. This is real time turning with real time daily issues and such like, and sadly I am not. I still have the rough turns I did earlier in the year and they are almost ready for working on, but other than that, where I am with my finished turnings is what you see in my blog and what you would see if you came to the workshop – nothing hidden.

On a different note, many people seem to be talking about their workshops and the size thereof. Some are talking about downsizing due to not doing such big pieces anymore and also changing lathes from a big one to a midi one, due to space and that 12-14in diameter capacity is more than enough for the projects tackled. Others are planning bigger workshops to accommodate larger lathes and more wood and kit. Are you planning such things at the moment? If you are, let me know.

Have fun,


Photographs top to bottom:

1. 92 – Beech box with blackwood cabochon – approximately 80mm wide x 90mm high

2. 93 – Sycamore bowl – 125mm wide x 120mm high

3. 94-96 – Trio of ash candlesticks, ebonised and silver gilt cream cream

4. 97-101 – Set of ash candlesticks with bead effect, ebonised then gilt cream applied

5. 102 – Beech box – 80mm wide x 75mm high

6. 103 – Ash box – 110mm high x 75mm wide

7. 104 – Ripple olive ash bowl – 90mm high x 125mm

8. 105 – Poplar burr platter – 375mm wide x 50mm deep

9. 106 – Ripple ash platter – 300mm wide x 50mm deep

10. 107 – Figured sycamore platter – 375mm wide x 50mm deep