Christmas is coming

The harsher weather is upon us and the Christmas season is well and truly underway in the shops. Actually, they started in November. I am, however, getting worried about Easter and wonder if that is cancelled due to their being no Easter eggs on sale yet. You might have guessed but I am somewhat cynical today.

I have a list of shopping to get for Christmas as long as my arm and really can’t be bothered. I have, however, completed all the things that I had to make for people, which is one thing I now do not have to worry or think about. With those out of the way I am able to get back to turning some fun items and experiment a bit more with some ideas that I have been kicking around for ages. I have a nice, clean workshop now so no excuses on my part.

I have been doing a lot of playing about with finishes lately and this is a subject that constantly crops up when people ask questions. Sadly, there is no one finish that does everything, but I think it true to say that finishes are rarely explored to their fullest potential. That is sad as many new ideas have come about as a result of people playing, tweaking and tinkering with things, and finishes are no different. To that end, I will soon be featuring in the magazine some articles that will hopefully pique your interest, dispel a few myths and provide some ideas for you to try.

I have been looking at the show list for next year and there is a lot of travel involved. The first show I will be at – weather permitting – next year is the Woodcraft Weekend, Wales show, which takes place from 21-22 January.

This will be my first visit to this growing event and I am looking forward to seeing some of you there.

Anyway, we have repro on some magazines and it is very busy – when is it not, so I will catch up with you again soon.

A photo from the show earlier this year

A photo from the show earlier this year