Never Pass An Opportunity

There has been flurry of calls regarding the Alexandra palace & South East Woodworking shows coming up soon. People are planning to meet up over coffee or at a given stand etc. and I am sure they will be catching up with the latest news and comparing what they have spent their money on. I look forward to seeing you at both of these shows.

The date for the Get Woodworking Live show at Alexandra Palace is from 11-12 March and the South East Woodworking Show takes places on 1-2 April, at the Kent County Showground, near Maidstone.

I managed to get to London this weekend and we went to the British Museum to see the exhibition on the Egyptian Book of the Dead. I have always been fascinated by ancient cultures and this was something on my wish list to visit and I didn’t think I would get to it. Well, I went on Saturday and the exhibition finished on Sunday. I was blown away with the display and to think that some of this is over 3500 years old is a wonder and joy to see.

I have loads of ideas for future works of mine and couple that with many hours poring over the jewellery, costumes, armour, weaponry and ceramics from all over the world – I have all these ideas buzzing around waiting to be called upon. The next special exhibition is Afghanistan, Crossroads of the Ancient World. I saw a leaflet for this and will try to get to see this too – even more fuel and ideas which clamour for attention in my hectic workload, but oh so worth it.

I have often mentioned about people looking but not seeing what is in front of them and it is easy to glance and not take in something when one is going too and fro about one’s daily life, but when you can get up close and truly inspect something, it changes things and you can truly admire the detail, perspective, the lines and texture. Sadly, but rightly so, one can’t touch anything in a museum, but I sorely want to at times.

I must admit to never understanding the comment; “ I just don’t know where you get your ideas from.” I must admit I never struggle for ideas, just time to do things.

One parting comment before I get back into the melee of the magazine production is: “Never pass and opportunity to see or try something new.”

Have fun