Christmas issue? Surely not.

Good afternoon!

Now, in my last blog I was commenting on how the weather was feeling autumnal, but today, it could be summer! I wish the weather would make up its mind – it really is most confusing!

Anyway, I got some bad news this morning, which has put a bit of a dampener on the day. I was due to go down to Devon on Thursday for a four-day break, and to celebrate a friend’s birthday, but I learned today that unfortunately the holiday has been cancelled. It is even sadder as the reason the holiday has been cancelled is due to my friend’s grandmother passing away. I was looking forward to seeing my family but it looks like that will have to wait until Christmas. C’est la vie.

The good thing is that my week will now be a lot less hectic as I now have much more time than I originally thought.

I find it hard to believe that we are actually working on the Christmas issue! I have to say that I feel in no way Christmassy, but hopefully that will change as the months pass. I am currently busy sorting out some great book offers for you, as well as putting together a fantastic Christmas Hot Stuff which will span nearly 10 pages! Perfect if you are short on gift ideas for your loved ones (but only if they’re woodturners!)

I’m suffering from a sore eye at the moment as well, which is making reading etc. quite challenging. I have conjunctivitis in my left eye and have to take special eye drops every two hours (quite annoying!) Still, the good news is that I’m feeling better today, so hopefully be tomorrow I’ll be well on the mend.

I am just about to start work on the profile for this issue – South African turner, John Wessels, so I had better go and get creative!

In the meantime, why not have a look at some of his work for yourselves.

Have fun,