Monday 9 July 2018

You know that summer is on the way when you see the swallows gliding through the air. I don't know if they have come early this year but it doesn't seem that long ago since I saw them in their large groups just before migration. The elegance that the swallows form whilst gliding is second to none, and this is my inspiration for carving this bird.

The clean lines lend themselves to a sanded finish. In this instance, I have chosen to replicate the classical pose of the swallow as it twists its body in flight, in pursuit of insects.

Getting started

As always, collect good reference material and model a small replica of the piece. I have used a ball joint clamp with a small plate in the bottom that is then screwed to the carving, keeping it in place.

98% of this piece has been carved using power tools – the largest proportion of this has been achieved using the power file and the sintered carbide tools on the flexi-drive. If you would prefer to use hand tools feel free; the process is still the same, but replace the burrs with U-shaped gouges.