Dremel 8200 for Carvers

Monday 9 July 2018

Multi tools are a real bonus for the carver to have in the workshop. Even if you do most of your work using handtools, there are times when a powered multi tool really comes into its own to speed up the carving process, or assist in difficult areas.

Dremel has released a few new models recently and as you would expect, we have tried and tested them as they are released. Back in issue 116 we had a go at the cordless 7700, which although we liked it for its price and portability, it lacked the power of the corded 300 or 400 models, plus it took a while to charge its heavy Ni-Cd battery. In response to our findings, Dremel thought we might like to have a look at their 8200 cordless model with a promise of more power, and the confidence that we would really like it.

First impressions

The 8200 comes boxed in a tough plastic carry case with 45 accessories, various attachments and a one-hour battery charger – with the ability of fast charging, things were looking up.

As for the source of power for this model, I was pleased to see that it runs on Lithium-ion technology which means lighter handling and charging without having to wait for it to drain completely down.

Other features include a useful 3 LED battery gauge, on/off switch and speed control slider.

In use

Changing between bits was easy: simply push the lock button in on the top of the unit, twist the collet open, pop in the required piece, and twist to lock. Lovely!

Control is very nice indeed. The 8200 is capable of speeds of 5,000-30,000rpm; the lower speed affords lovely precision when adding delicate detail in areas such as hair and fur, whilst the higher end really lets you go to town on shaping and removing waste. I didn't have any problem with the motor slowing under pressure and was generally pleased with the power output and clean results. In fact the power is so good that I forgot that I was using a cordless at times.

Of course being a cordless, you can use this multi tool just about anywhere, which is a bonus as you don't have to rely on an available plug socket, and you have more freedom to move uninhibited around your workpiece.

The unit itself felt light and comfortable to use, with nice ergonomics and balance, which is great for using over longer periods of time.


I have to say I am taken with this new improved cordless model. What the 7700 lacked in power, the 8200 has plenty of, and is suited nicely to the demands of the carver in the market for a portable multi tool. It is definitely worth finding the extra pennies for this model which in my opinion, represnts great value for money.