Arbortech Power Chisel for Carvers

Monday 9 July 2018

I am currently making myself a rustic bird feeder at the GMC workshop and happened to notice that Michelle had called in the Arbortech Power Carver. I was curious and decided to see how good this powertool from the Arbortech stable would be on my project, whilst giving it a good testing at the same time.

Arbortech have a first-rate reputation for producing great products for removing timber fast and efficiently, with great control and pleasing results so it would be interesting to see how good this could be for carvers.

First impressions

Out of the box, my first impressions are good. The tool appears to be a modified angle grinder… instead of a grinding wheel arbor, the whole thing has been replaced with an assembly to attach the two power chisels included with the machine: 20mm flat chisel and a 20mm gouge chisel. Other blades are readily available. Also included is a bottle of high pressure lubricant.

It feels good and comfortable in the hand and although it did does seem a little on the heavy side, it is solid and inspires confidence. So with it plugged in, I was ready to go.

In use

The machine is very simple to operate. It has a locking on-off switch on the main body, and the chisels themselves simply push in and lock themselves. They are removed by simply pressing a button on the chisel assembly. This simplicity of design is great and means you can spend more time carving rather than fiddling about with switches and tools to change blades.

Once powered up, I got to work on my bird feeder and found the chisel to be surprisingly subtle. There is obviously a lot of power at your disposal with its 710W motor, but it's easy to apply it accurately and precisely, with a great deal of control.

I found both the gouge and straight chisel a joy to use, and I am sure the experienced carver would have no trouble in producing great sculptures, removing waste fast and controlled, even in difficult areas and over a range of timbers. Using this power chisel just feels effortless and very satisfying, which is exactly what you need from a tool like this!


A simple, well thought-out bit of kit that provides a surprising amount of control and dexterity for such a powerful and large machine. If you work on large carvings then this should definitely be something you should consider, and for those of you who prefer working on a smaller-scale, I am sure the power carver will be a great addition and very useful in reducing areas quickly. A great tool and easy to master!