Arbortech Mini Carver

Monday 9 July 2018

Arbortech is well known in the power carving field. Their products receive testimonial praise from diverse places around the world. I have been using their products for years and have both the 4in and smaller 2in wheels in my workshop, and have fitted them to appropriate mini and standard angle grinders.

That said, you can now buy the mini carving unit as a complete thing already fitted to a dedicated angle grinder.

On spec

The spec shows that there are two re-sharpenable cutting disks and a selection of sanding disks. Yes you can use special sanding disks. The reach of the extended nose is 150mm (6in). The grinder runs at 18,000rpm and has 710W of power. The body is slimmer, lighter and thus easier to hold and manipulate than many non-dedicated grinders sold for general cutting. The cutting disks are held in place by a hex machine screw so if you want to fit the sanding disks, then remove the cutting disk and use the bolt supplied specially for the sanders, pop it in the shaped hole on the disk and screw in place. Simple!

The power is transferred via belt in the long nose housing. This is easily replaced if it ever breaks.

In use

The unit is well balanced and the grinder's slimline body is definitely a far-flung cry from some of the bulky grinders currently available. The reduced weight of this unit makes it easier to use for longer periods before aching arms and fatigue sets in.

There is plenty of power available and if you take too heavy a cut, the belt slips, so you don't end up with the unit running away from you or having nasty catches. Don't worry, you can skim or remove timber quickly as the blades are fast and effective. Then switch to abrasives to clean it up. Great for sculptural work and bulk removal of wood.


This complete package is very handy in my opinion; everything is in one pack and all you have to do is read the safety instructions and you are ready to plug it in and away you go.

If the price of the complete unit is too much at this stage and you want to go for this type of carving unit, look to buy the Arbortech Mini Carver and use a grinder which you may have already. But do check with the suppliers that the spindle length will accept this accessory.