Pfeil Small Drawknife

Monday 9 July 2018

Pfeil are known for their quality tools and every so often, one comes across a little gem that is often overlooked and this is certainly the case with this small drawknife. Drawknives are not often used in conjunction with carving; green woodworkers, chair makers, timber frame house builders and such like are more often associated with using such tools, but I think that this is sad. These tools are capable of shaping work very quickly and can be very handy for the woodcarver.

First impressions

The curved knife from Pfeil sports cherry handles which are easy to hold and are nicely positioned for easy pulling towards the user. This is a compact knife (more patterns are available in the product range) and has an overall blade length of 110mm. This is by no means massive but don't be fooled as this little fellow is capable of some meaty cuts!

As for build stability, reassuringly the handles are very securely fixed to the blade.

In use

The blade on this drawknife is highly polished, and is supplied already sharpened and honed, therefore enabling it to be used straight from the packet.

There is a bevel on one side and a flat face on the other. If the tool is used with the bevel pointing up during the cut, you get an aggressive cutting action which is able to take huge cuts. When used this way however, the blade is not as controllable as when you have the bevel facing down to the wood, as it is rubbing as it is cutting. Cutting with the bevel facing downwards affords you an incredible amount of control and leaves a super finish from the tool.

For quick shaping of logs and blocks, I found this a great tool. It was also superb for the initial shaping of spoon blanks; okay you can bandsaw them but there is something therapeutic about hearing a susurrus hiss of a freshly sharpened blade cutting wood!


The curved drawknife is easy to use, beautifully made and easy to keep sharp. Since I not only carve but undertake other disciplines of woodworking, such a tool would serve well on various cabinetry, turning and carving projects. A gem of a tool that deserves a lot more attention than it gets.