Warco Compact Lamps

Monday 9 July 2018

Working on small-scale carvings or detailed work is bad enough, but being able to see clearly what is happening where and how is a must if one is to do things properly. Lighting is a must and having some form of magnifying mechanism is a boon. These two new magnifying lamps from Warco may well fit the bill without breaking the bank.

In use

One is a tabletop version sporting a weighted base and a short extending arm, and is ideal for the smaller project that does not require much moving about. The other lamp clamps to the edge of the worktop and sports a flexible neck that allows you to manipulate it into place a bit better than the compact version. Both have a magnifying lens and an inset higher magnification section, and both have bright clean blue light tubes in them to throw some light on the work. Both lamps are very effective as you can see from the main image. You can see everything of importance under one of these.


They are well built, and the light tubes can be replaced. The lenses can be easily wiped clean and at under £25, they are affordable. Better still they make an excellent present to be bought for you, and they genuinely can help with seeing things better. Other hobbyists use this type of lamp for close-up work to great effect and I can see benefits in us carvers doing so as well. The only decision left for you to do is to decide whether to opt for the portable version or the one which easily clamps to the worktop, either way, both will proove invaluable.