Guinevere Sanding System

Monday 9 July 2018

Rubber cylinders

The Guinevere system is basically a sanding and polishing system that uses a range of abrasive loadings mounted on low-pressure (achieved by using a small pump) rubber cylinders, including an ingenious one with a domed top. It was this domed sander that first attracted me to the Guinevere system because I have always wanted an effective way of sanding the inside of carved bowls and getting into those hard-to-get-at concave shapes.


The abrasive sleeves, which feature a range of grit sizes from coarse to very fine, can be used as a final shaping tool through to a very fine finish, and given that the rubber cylinders are only at sufficient pressure to stop these abrasive sleeves from slipping off, the sanding unit not only conforms faithfully to the shape being sanded but is also virtually free from the bounce effect so common with non-inflatable cylinder sanders.

The polishing and sanding kits contain both brush and cloth sleeves that fit onto the rubber cylinders, and these can be used to apply and buff the oil-based wax from the kit, or of course you could use your own preferred finish.

Power system

Power to the sanders/polishers is supplied through a flexible drive system driven via chucks mounted on the double-ended motor: green for EU countries and yellow for the USA. These run at a fixed 3000rpm. Naturally, the sanding units can be driven from most flexible drive machines that have a suitable collet or chuck.

One very good feature of this unit is the integrated dust extraction outlet that keeps the inevitable sanding dust to a minimum. On the opposite side of the motor another chuck enables the unit to be used as a static sander and shaper.


This system fulfils its promise, removing tool marks and making possible some smooth final shaping. The domed inflatable sander turns an awkward job into an easy one.