Ryobi EWD 1245TA

Monday 9 July 2018

How many of you have ruined a perfectly good vacuum cleaner by regularly using it to tidy your workshop? This new vacuum system from Ryobi is the perfect solution to prevent you from wrecking your £300 cyclonic super-vac in a dusty workshop.

The EWD-1245TA is a powerful vacuum with a large capacity. One particular feature that will interest carvers is the blow function, especially when using the likes of an Arbortech or when sanding.

A range of other features really add to the usability of this vacuum – its designers have really taken the time to make each function straightforward and instinctive to use. I particularly liked the distinction between the wet and dry modes, which is foolproof.

Because of its ability to suck up liquids, the Ryobi will also serve you well in a plumbing emergency or if you have shampooed your carpets.

So whilst you might not be able to justify buying a tasking vacuum for carving alone, as a garage or workshop workhorse, it is ideal – especially because of its relatively low price. You could almost convince yourself that buying such a machine would actually equate to saving money in the long run, since you would be extending the life of your household vacuum.


Although there are more powerful motors in the rest of the Ryobi range, the EWD-1245TA does seem to offer a good balance between capacity, power and price.