Kutzall Files for Woodcarving

Monday 9 July 2018

Kutzall are a name more familiar on the American market but as many carvers in the UK are beginning to realise, their products are fast becoming wanted items here too. Renowned for fast cutting action and durability, Kutzall have carved quite a name for themselves with tools featuring carbide teeth for effective removal of timber.

Woodcarvers always need some files hanging around the workshop and with these newly stocked at Woodworks Craft Supplies, I was curious to see if they were as good as their fine reputation.

To start things off, we called in the 6in and 8in flat file, 6in round file and 6in half round file.

First impressions

When these files arrived, I was impressed at the feel and quality of these tools. They felt reassuringly weighty and rugged, and looked like they would be able to withstand quite a good deal of aggressive use. They certainly looked the business so far. In fact, I had to fight off the other woodworking editors at the workshop who all wanted to have a go at removing wood and tidying up their various projects, so it's clear that these tools don't just appeal to the woodcarver as their application is varied. However, tools of this nature are just the ticket for the woodcarver, as I was about to find out.

In use

The files come without a handle so you will have to purchase one separately to get you on your way. Once secured in the self-threading handle, you're ready to get shaping.

The first thing you notice when applying these files is the aggressiveness of the cut, which is absolutely great for removing lots of material. Because there is no overall tooth direction, the files work on both the push and pull cut, which is ideal for cutting into confined and delicate areas with ease. And the bonus is that these are also resistant to loading and can be cleaned with a little bit of solvent should they need it; I am told that a gas torch will also get these files clean without harming the teeth!

As there are three different grades to chooses from (coarse, medium and fine) you can change file according to what project you are working on and the finish you are after.

Given their aggressive cutting action, the finish is relatively smooth which I found surprising but nonetheless pleasing.


These Kutzall files are very handy to have around the workshop. They are fantastic for very fast and controlled removal of timber, and as they have carbide teeth, they ought to go the distance.

Highly recommended!