Kaizen Bonsai Terrier Cutters

Monday 9 July 2018

Power carving seems to be making a bigger dent on the carving market of late, with more and more carvers embracing this way of working than ever before. And with this rise, manufacturers have come forward to produce a plethora of accessories that can

be used with a range of power carving units.

Kaizen Bonsai is one such company. Dealing mainly in the area of selling fine bonsai trees (as the name suggests) dig a little deeper and you will discover that they also sell a range of carving tools.

We were curious to try the cutters in our flexi-drive at the workshop, so called in two from the Terrier range: the Terrier and the Little Terrier.

First impressions

These cutters look the business, and are CNC machined from 302 high carbon stainless steel, with the replaceable cutting tips made from polished tungsten carbide to allow for a faster cutting rate and less loading, thus extending the life-time of the tip. The tip engineering is such that there is a groove behind the cutting edge, which presents it at a positive rake to the work being cut; efficient, clean and fast. Once the tips' cutting face becomes dull, loosen the retaining screw and rotate the tip to a new sharp section.

The manufacturer claims that one face of the cutting tip lasts about 20 hours non-stop on hard timber, so tips should last a pretty long time.

In use

We tried these cutters in a Wecheer flexible drive on a work in progress and first up was the 25mm head Terrier. This is the larger of the two cutters and weighs 27g. Removing timber with it really was a joy. It moved effortlessly over the piece, without grabbing at higher speeds, and results were clean. This cutter is more than capable of removing large areas fast.

Next up was the Little Terrier. Weighing only 23g with a 15mm head diameter, this cutter is great at getting into more confined areas where more care and control is needed. Like its bigger brother, the Little Terrier is as robust, solid and hardy as a small terrier dog. Aptly named indeed!

Both cutters work well on low and high-end speeds, but the manufacturer recommends you keep things between 15-20,00rpm for best cutting and control.


These Terrier cutters are excellent and happily tackle wood removal effortlessly and shaping with ease on a variety of timbers. They are adaptable to fit a range of power carving units, and should last you a good few years.