Architectural carving

The more you look about you the more likely you are to see some form of carving. It is surprising how many you will walk by in the space of walking through any town – even modern ones. Of course some of these may be stone, but that doesn"t make a difference in my opinion. Carving is carving and any carving that enriches our environment is good. Go back a few centuries and you"d have very likely seen more wooden ones, on wider display and not just on furniture. Go back further still to the middle ages and before, when both stone and wood carvings were very prevalent.

With modern materials we certainly see a lot of sculptural pieces on display and used within architecture, but very little wooden items of similar ilk. That said, we are seeing wood make a major comeback in construction and cladding as far as buildings are concerned. Will we see a resurgence in carved wooden work on display, in and on buildings? I wonder!

Happy carving,